Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Why are Marathi ppl like this??

Who says Mumbai belongs to the Marathas....It was an erstwhile port always busy with business and activities in order to support such business. Some people come along, natives of the land, rather and say Hey! look here we started it all so we are going to take it through. What most people do not understand is that Mumbai is a very unique city which breeds a completely rare set of people who are always on the go and ready to earn ever more. The majority of the population here have only one caste - Make money money....make money!! as Snoop Dogg says...

In this backdrop, certain groups of people are trying to justify only native control over what is actually a mutant population raring to break all barriers in order to fulfill their dreams.

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Arrival of a Phenomenon!!

The new Tata small car which was launched recently has caused a furore among the usually hustling & bustling community of Indians. However one aspect to be recorded is the phenomenon that the product has created with the marketer not saying nothing more than "I am here".
Is this another under worked marketing campaign or is it the new face of brand communication in this cluttered age. The Nano seems to be creating a space of its own without much of its Tata marquee and lineage in tow. The global market is purely seeing it as an INDIAN effort to bring about world class products at its typical low cost segment catering to large masses.
Well it is worth the wait to see how this unique but mind blowing product is marketed and its brand identity etched in this highly competitive market place.

Tuesday, January 17, 2006

hey world wats up

hi all out there

i jus entered this new medium of connecting to ........ dont know whom